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German RepRap and 3Dokuteam will present the big X1000 3D Printer and a production line with X350 3D printers together with INTEC International.


The X150 is a compact, second generation industrial 3D printer for high precision and high quality printing.

German RepRap X1000 3D-Drucker

3D Printer for big volume prints or multi-prints. 1000 x 800 x 600 mm printing space and many new features.

German RepRap TPU 34 Filament

Our new elastic and translucent thermoplastic polyurethane for prototyping of profiles, handles or sealing.


Carbon fiber reinforced filament for rigid functional prototypes – high flex modulus, viscosity and temperature resistance


New X350pro – Cutting-edge technology 3D printer with rectangular build platform, set-up within minutes, operation via Wifi or LAN – Made in Germany


Stefan Birghan and Jörg Weindl printed this Table Top objects and landscapes with the NEO and painted them afterwards.

Check out our new technical filaments:TPU – a elastic and translucent thermo plastic filament with different shore hardnesses i.e. for profiles, handles or sealing
Carbon20 – a PET-based filament with carbon fibers


Professional 3D Printer – 390 x 400 x 330 mm printing volume – latest DD3 extruder technology

Save money – Print your prototypes in-house

Hannover Messe_en GermanRepRap_x150_front-knotobject-freigestellt_300x300px PM-2015-11-Reitlinger-Ausrichtbacken_300x300 German RepRap X1000 3D-Drucker German RepRap TPU 34 Filament GermanRepRap_Filament-Carbon20_1-300x300 GermanRepRap_x350pro_300x300 GermanRepRap_StefanBirghan_GowanusMonsterbyboldmachines-03_300x300 GermanRepRap_X400v3_Industreipreis_300x300